Main Dishes

Baobab leaves with fish

5 handful Baobab leaf powder
1 dried fish
1 Kugel Soumbala, bikalga or bouillon cube
1 bouillon cube

Mix all together. Cook it 20 min.

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Morogo (Mukusule)
Morongo are different kind of wild African leaves. During the rainy season the fresh leaves and in the dry season the dried leaves are used. Spinach or mangold are alternatives to Africans leaves (12). Young leaves are used (17).


Ingredients (6-8 Persons):
100 g natural Peanuts, powdered
1,25 kg young leaves (e. g. pumpkin, spinach...)
8 Tbs Olive oil
2 Onions in dice
6 Tomatoes in dice
Salt, Pepper

Cut leaves in slices. Roast the onions. Add tomatoes and cook the mixture until the water is removed. Add leaves. Add peanut powder, salt and pepper.

Further Literature: 17

The leaves are dried and powdered. This powder is called lalo and is used for cooking (1).

Bassé Saleté
The Bassé Saleté will be eaten on Tamkharit (11).

Lalo is often mixed with couscous (1, 3).

The leaves with a characteristic nutty flavour and crisp texture were seen to have great potential for salads and as a garnish (22).

Dogan-To with Baobab Leaves

1 Bouillon cube
1 Tbs Curcuma
50 g Cured cod
1 Tbs pink Pepper
50 g milled, dried Okra
200 g dried Baobab leaves
1 kg Sorghum flour
2 l Water

Cook water, bouillon cube and curcuma. Pestle fish, pepper, okra and Baobab leaves and give the mixture in a pot. Add a part of the bouillon and cook it for 5 min.. For the to, cook the rest of the bouillon with sorghum (10-15 min.). Form balls with your fingers and dip it into the sauce.

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